24 December 2017 - 17 March 2018

At the end of the year 2017 Ai Jing created a brand new body of work for the exhibition "Useless Value" and launched <>series made of old wool and nails on canvas, a radical departure from the work she has made so far which only demonstrate a strong belief and will to follow her inspiration and not be afraid to engage change. This new series has many implications about blood and genes and has the strings moves like a musical instrument it so help you think about whom we are and where we are going.


Liu Chunfeng curator of the "Useless Value" exhibition said at the end of her review: <>



The exhibition’s  "Useless Value " from three Female artist, curator Mrs. Liu Chunfeng and art Museum's curator Mrs. Zheng Yan and her team showcased female art practitioners in their professionalism and selfless contribution for art. Today workingwomen in the whole world have become a growing influence in each of their fields. When Ai Jing participated in the Hirshhorn Museum gala in New York, she told the media;” I will not take time to create gender attributes, but it is undeniable that women artists are delicate, inclusive, with broad creative attitude which gradually influenced by the global artistic atmosphere has become an undeniable force”.


The Strings


Everyone has one’s own life trajectory; beginning from the birth of our genes, there seems to be an invisible string that runs through our existence. From the blood flowing through our veins to our heartbeats and emotional flickers, we are always pulled by this string——full of twists and turns, this winding string originates from the vast universe; it has floated down here, but will eventually vanish and pass into nothingness.