Genesis: Group exhibition, Beijing 798 art community-cascade Art Center, Beijing, China

26 October - 1 November 2010

Origine of the Chinese tea ceremony


From a different perspective and interpretation of art in Chinese tea culture, Chinese tea of the highest level in the future, leading the Chinese tea industry and consumer trends.
October 26 to November 1 2010, the exhibition "highest State of origin - the endless future Chinese tea ceremony" for cross-border art dialogue activities in 798 art district, kicked off in Beijing. From Tsinghua University, China industrial design Association, China tea Museum, the China garment designers Association, jointly build a cross-border artistic event of tea culture, Chinese tea culture and art Exchange collaborated for the first time. This event invited 12 artists from various artistic fields around the globe: Tsinghua Academy of fine arts fashion design and expert Li Dangqi, the current Secretary of the famous costume designer Zhang zhaoda; world-class sculpture artist Anthony Stones FRBS; Yehidea brand founder, famous home fashion designer Ye Yuxuan; leading architecture and interior designer Sherman Lin famous tea master of cultural studies, Xu Jiegen, Chairman of hengfu tea industry; the famous ceramics design expert, Tsinghua Academy of fine art, Professor Li Hong, famous technology guru Gao Zhenyu; the famous industrial designer Shi Zhenyu; famous musicians Ai Jing famousoil painter, Tsinghua Academy of fine art, Professor Li Mu; leading Qin master Wang Peng.
When a new tea culture and culture seamlessly, it will quickly become mainstream, and at the fastest speeds and most strident stance to be in hot pursuit. The tea culture on the theme of cross-border events is an innovative event in the art world, is also China's tea culture and art Exchange collaboration for the first time. it pleased to note that, hengfu tea industry was joined by top artists from all walks of life in the cross-border art dialogue, we see a traditional Chinese tea culture and art of fashion collaboration, a fire in this collaboration, it seems to us that this is the true release of tea culture and a new way of life!
Through this cross-border culture of innovation, we saw that tea can be as healthy as elegant, refined, and can also not be exclusive, but diverse, fashionable and a happy attitude toward life through such exchanges so that each friend can enjoy the benefits of tea, happy and healthy life. Hengfu tea industry goes "life, a cup of tea," tea culture also in the cross-border art dialogue has been extended, a new way of rushing toward fashion and tea ceremony combined!