Ai Jing,

A native of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a chinese contemporary artist whose fame started as a star singer-songwriter who has produced five albums of her own music as well as a number of EP albums and singles and she is also an accomplished artist.

During the 90’s, Ai Jing’s unique style was popular throughout Asia. Known as China's most talented folk singer, her Mandarin songs have broken records for overseas sales and she staged several successful concert performances in Japan and other countries. In 2004, The Writers Publishing House published “Ai On the Road”, a collection of essays showcasing her literary talents. In addition, Ai Jing has written columns for well-known magazines in Japan and in China. In 2014, Ai Jing’s new book Struggle was published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House. This book contains three chapters: once upon a time of music; art, life and struggle; when love becomes faith. It keeps a journal of Ai Jing’s personal growth, sojourn in New York and her artistic creation according to time and place. In this book, Ai Jing tells her stories of music, travelling, creation and stages of life in unique linguistic style.

In 1999, Ai Jing took up painting and learned from contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang, and then she moved to New York to study contemporary art. In 2007 she began to take part in art exhibitions as a professional artist and held her first solo show ”ALL ABOUT LOVE” at the Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2008. In October, 2009 she had her solo exhibition “AI WANT TO LOVE” in New York. In May 2010 Ai took part in the exhibition “RESHAPING HISTORY”, her installation “Tree of Life” aroused much attention. In Sep 2011 Ai’s painting series “LOVE” was collected by DSL Collection in France.

In Nov 2012, she held her solo exhibition “I LOVE AIJING: the Complete Works of Ai Jing” in Beijing at the National Museum of China followed by the Museum collection of her sculpture “The Wave” In June 2013, she became also the first contemporary artist to held solo exhibition in the National Museum of China. In May 2014, "LOVE AIJING: Love of Ai Jing" became the first contemporary art exhibition of the newly opened China Art Museum of Shanghai. Ai Jing keeps alive her itinerant exhibition with more and more interesting edition, she has now taken up a tour around the world with her touring exhibition’s first edition abroad at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana Museum in Milan, Italy on june 5, 2015; This exhibition is titled “DIALOGUES”. She also participate in group exhibitions with fellow Chinese artists such as the “Fervent China” Monumental sculpture exhibition in Mons, Belgium in 2015 and the “Echo of civilization: Crossing Dunhuang” exhibition at the Imperial Ancestral Temple Museum in Beijing, China in 2016. Then Ai Jing participated to the “Armory Art Fair” 2016 in New York, her new work “I Love Color #16” was presented at the Marlborough Gallery booth. In 2017 Ai jing published with Foreign Language Press (Beijign, China),  her first monograph titled Love Art 2007-2017...a recapitulatif of her solo gallery and museums shows as well as previous and recent works.


Selected Songs: “My 1997”, “Once Upon a Time in Yanfen Street”, “Chasing the Moon”, “Made in China”, “Is It a Dream”, “New York, New York”, “Question & Answer”, “ My Love”

Selected Art Works: "Baby I Love You", "Tree of Life", "My Mother and my Hometown", " Flowers Behind Every Door ", "Pieces", "Guns & Roses”, " Waves ” 







Born in Shenyang. Liaoning Province



Ai Jing with her great grandfather




Ai Jing was very close to her maternal grandmother. She wrote the song Grandma 23 years later.



Ai Jing with her gandmother



Ai Jing representing her school in singing competition when she was nine years old.




Learning to sing and play piano in Children's Palace




Her father was her first music teacher and used the Chinese instrument Erhu to introduce her to music.



Ai Jing with her father




Admitted into the Vocal Department at Shenyang School of Art and went on stage and performed around the country with Shenyang Song and Dance Troupe. Came to Beijing and joined the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe when she was 17. Re- corded her album Great Trend that sold more than six million copies. Her song Ah Shenyang, My Hometown in the album became an instant hit. 




She began her career in Guangzhou as a professional singer. She did many remakes of popular Hong Kong and Taiwanese songs yet without her own original works. Changed her name from Ai Jing ("respect") to Ai Jing ("quiet").

Photo from Addicted to Love




Stared in the TV soap opera Addicted to Love because "she looks like Momoe Yamaguchi and smiles like Komaki Kurihara".

Photo from Five Girls and a Rope




Entered the Acting Department at the Central Academy of Drama and starred in the movie Five Girls and a Rope by Tomson Films. The movie won an international award three years later and Ai Jing went on the front cover of Popular Film Magazine.

Front cover of Popular Film, ninth issue of 1993




Signed a contract with Dadi Records of Hong Kong and released her first individual album "My 1997", the production team of which included such top names in Chinese music industry as Huang Xiaomao, Wang Di, Liu Xiaosong, San Er, Wang Yong, He Yong, Chen Jin and San Bao. The album's sale reached two hundred thousands just one month after its release at the beginning of 1993. She changed her name from Ai Jing ("quiet") back to Ai Jing ("respect").

Album cover "My 1997"




She won the Mayor's Award at Kazakhstan Sound of Asia Music Festival. In October she represented China in Hong Kong Wanchai International Pop Music festival.

Performing at the Hong Kong Wanchai International Pop Music Festival


December - Wandering Swallow won the the Gold Prize and the prize of Best Creative Work at the First Chunlan Cup MTV Convention. The well-known cinematographer Gu Changwei directed the MV, in which Ai Jing's style was very unique.

"Wandering Swallow" MV poster




Ai Jing released her second album Once Upon a Time on Yanfen Street, in which the songs Once Upon a Time on Yanfen Street and My Grandma were produced by well-known Taiwanese musician Bobby Chen, while Fall in 89, Three Carriages, and lLove in My Dream were produced by Jon Farris, drummer of the world-renowned Australian band INXS. The album My 1997 became in Japan the best performing Asian Foreign Language Album.

"Once Upon a Time in Yanfen Street" album cover


In January she held individual concert at Xi'an Jiaotong University.

In March she participated in Asian Beat concert of Fuji TV Japan.

In July she participated in Meet the World Beat '94 outdoor performance in Osaka, Japan.

In August she participated in the concert of Tokiko Kato in Tokyo and recorded the Chinese version of Flowing River with famous japanese flok singer Tokiko Kato. Tokiko Kato sang the Japanese version of My 1997 earlier. 


Ai Jing & Tokiko Kato


In August she participated as well in the concert Club Asia in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo and Nagoya Castle Park, sharing the stage with Dick Lee from Singapore and The Boom from Japan.

In October/November she participated in Asia Music Festival in Kyoto and Tokyo.


Ai Jing & THE BOOM 




In January Ai Jing Sang My 1997 in Hong Kong and recorded a NHK satellite-broadcasting program with Seijij Ozawa in Hong Kong. Was invited a year later by Seiji Ozawa to take part in his Symphony of the Earth concert and her music career in Japan reached a peak. 

Ai Jing & Seiji Ozawa


In April she held two individual concerts in Nissin Power Station in Tokyo. (NHK program Asia Live broadcasted via satellite Love in My Dream, WOW WOW live-broadcasted a concert on June 9th). Her second album Once Upon a Time on Yanfen Street was released in Japan.

In August Once Upon A Time on Yanfen Street was released in Hong kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaisia simultaneously, a photo collection Ai Jing - A close up by Christopher Doyle was published, Ai Jing participated in the benefit concert Peace March of Sino-Japanese Youth in Shenyang.

In September Ai Jing took part in Club Asia '95 in Budokan, Tokyo with Cui Jian, father of Chinese Rock'n'roll.


Concert poster

Club Asia '95 Poster







1995 concert scene





Ai Jing signed with Sony Music in Japan and released her third album Chasing the Moon. Ai Jing wrote most of the song in the album and produced the album together with famed Japanese producer Beatnik.

In May she participated in the memorial concert for Teresa Tang and held a individual performance at Midem ASIA '95 in Hong Kong.

In September she participated in Asia Live in Tokyo.

In December she held two individual concerts Hennessy V.S.O.P Ai Jing Beyond the Boundary in LA Cafe in Shanghai.


"Chasing the Moo" Album Cover



Sketch for her Chasing the Moon album


Photos of Ai Jing in Japan in 1996






Ai Jing became well known because of "My 1997".

In July she witnessed in Hong Kong with her family the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

In August she participated in Sony Music Showcase in Spiral Hall in Tokyo.

In September she participated in the CMJ Music Festival in Avery Fisher Hall in New York Lincoln Center and participated in the 10th anniversary performance celebrating the cooperation between Shanghai TV Station and Osaka NHK.


1997 family photo in Hong Kong


"My 1997" single covers


Ai Jing with Japanese guitarist Kosan and Chinese drummer Liu Xiaosong at the CMJ Music Festival.




Ai Jing finished recording her fourth album Made in China in the CBS recording studio in Los Angeles, co-produced by herself and Lee Shouquan, father of Taiwan folk music. I was released in Japan and some countries in Asia at the end of the year but not in Mainland China.

"Made in China" cover album


CBS Record




In June Ai Jing was free again after her contract with Sony Music Japan expired and began looking for new artisitc inspiration, She starred in Hong Kong film "From the Queen to the Chief Executive"


Ai Jing leading role in the film "waiting for the punishement of Dong Jianhua"


Ai Jing's work "The fish", 2000




Ai Jing learned to paint in Zhang Xiaogang's studio




Ai Jing with Zhang Xiaogang, 1999





Ai Jing toured Japan and performed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.


Ai Jing during her Japan Tour.




Ai Jing shot the video work "I Love Panda" by getting people to say the same sentence "I Love Panda!" to the camera in Times Square in New York, Shibuya in Japan, Star Ferry in Hong Kong, Great Wall in Beijing. It Was Ai Jing's idea of supporting environmental protection.


 I Love Panda




In August Ai Jing established her own studio.

In December she recorded her fifth album "It is a Dream" in the RAK studio with musicians from London. Her studio independently completed the album.


 Ai Jing in the recording studio, 2002.


Ai Jing in London, 2002.




Ai Jing released her fifth album "It is a dream"

In February she participated in the 3rd Music Bilboard award ceremonyand was nominated for Best Creative Single.

In March she attented the 16th Reims International TV and Film Festival. Black and White, in which she starred, won the Special Prize of the Jury.

In May she wrote a charity song "You are my Angel" during SARS, trying to bring people's attention to nature from urban life, searching for the meaning of life.


"It is a Dream" cover album





 Ai Jing in New York, 2003



In September Ai Jing published "Ai on the Road", her first collection of proses, poems and paintings.


Ai Jing first works collection "Ai on the Road"




She began to live in New York as an artist, visiting local galleries and museums and painting and cooking. The love series were completed gradually during this time.



Ai Jing in New York, 2004-2006.


Ai Jing in New York, 2004-2006




While Living in New York, Ai Jing was invited by the Hong kong Ming Pao Group to write a column Ai on the road for Ming. Ai Jing maintained her contact with us through words, informing us on her quite and no so quiet journey.

In April while on collaboration with Ning Hao, she made a brand new album "My 1997 and 2007" to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's handover back to China.

In December her work Premonition took part in a group exhibition at the J&Z Gallery in Shenzhen.



Ai Jing in "Premonition" exhibition




In May she recorded a new song "My 2008" which was put into "My 1997 and 2007" EP.


"My 1997 and 2007"


"My 2008" cover album


"ALL ABOUT LOVE" cover album




In May she held her solo exhibition Love in Shanghai 2009 at HWA's Gallery in Shanghai.

In October she participated in THE DROP Urban Art Infill by 2012+ at 531 West 25th Street in Chelsea, New York and her solo exhibition "Ai Want to Love" in New York.


Exhibiton cover "Ai want to love"


Exhibition cover "Love in Shanghai 2009"





In May she participated in Reshaping History Chinart 2000-2009 in Beijing with her installation work Tree of Life. 


Ai Jing's installation "Tree of Life" on display, May 2010



"Tree of Life" Ai Jing signature                              "Tree of Life" on display




In June she recorded the single "Question and Answer" and released in limited edition by China Record Shenzhen Corporation.



In January she released the single "Lover" and shot MV in Utsunomiya in Japan with the production team she brought from Chiina.

In January Ai Jing became an adjunct professor at China Foreign Affairs University.

"Question and Answer" single cover


"Lover" single cover

MV poster for "Lover"


Ai Jing's appointment letter from the China Foreign Affairs University.






"I LOVE:AIJING" exhibition poster


" I LOVE AIJING" Exhibiton Opening Ceremony.




In November, Ai Jing's exhibition "I LOVE AIJING" opened at the National Museum of China, Beijing. She is the first contemporary artist to exhibit at the Museum.


 "I LOVE AIJING" album picture




In June the National Museum of China collected two sculptures by Ai Jing from her serie  "Wave".


"Wave" sculptures collection ceremony







In May  Ai Jing's exhibiton 'Love AIJING" opened at the National Museum of Shanghai, she was the first artist to exhibit at the Museum. 


 2014 exhibiton "I LOVE AIJING" press conference.


 In May the People's Fine Art Publishing House published the catalogue "I Love Color".


"I Love Color" Exhibition catalogue 


In 2014 the People's Fine Art Publishing House published "Struggle", Ai Jing's first autobiography which retrace her musical and pictural carer. The book is divided in 3 chapters: her music career, her art life and her strugglen retracing her travels, her life in New York and her artistic journey. With her unique language style Ai Jing narrates her love for music, her creation journey and the various stage of her life.






 On June 5, Aijing hosted her first world tour edition of her exhibition "Love Aijing" at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy



On the following July, She participated in the group exhibition "Fervent China" Monumental Sculptures in Mons, Belgium



The same year the People's Fine Art Publishing House published the Milan exhibition catalogue untitled "Dialogue"





In 2016, artist Ai Jing was invited to take part in a group show "Echo of Civilization - Crossing Dunhuang" at the Ancestral Imperial Temple in Beijing, the show featured her works "Flowers Behind Every Door" and "Tree of Life"


 "Echo of Civilization - Crossing Dunhuang" exhibition cover.


On March 3, 2016 Marlborough Gallery exhibited Ai Jing new works "I Love Color #16" at its booth at the Armory Show art fair.


"I Love Color #16"


On March 29, Ai Jing held her press conference "Return to New York" about her upcoming solo exhibiton at the Marlborough Gallery in New York.



Major Participants (From left to right): Mr. Pierre Levai (Director of the Marlborough Gallery), Mrs. Marcia Levine (Marlborough Gallery Special Projects), Mr. Chen Lusheng (Ex-Deputy of the National Museum of China, artist, critic), Artist Ai Jing